Find accommodation in Dublin

Finding accommodation in Dublin is not an easy task, and can be really expensive. For example, there are fewer hotel rooms per visitor compared to cities like Paris, and prices have increased recently.

To give you an idea, here are the hotel prices per night for the weekend of the wedding in Dublin 2.

You have three main options:

Here are some tips on where to search and find the best option that fits your budget and requirements.

Find accomodation

As everyone has different expectations, needs and budgets when it comes to accommodation, we have not chosen one hotel where everyone will stay.

Here are some places to find accommodation that suits you:

The Dublin tourist office has a long list of accommodation options. Visit their accommodation options:

Here you can search for accommodation in Dublin and further afield:

A good website to find accomodation for more budget-friendly options:

Find self-catering accommodation here:

The best areas

We advise you to search in Dublin 2, Dublin 6 or Dublin 6W, to be as close as possible to the party and the wedding. Of course there are other places that you might find interesting, or that might be cheaper – but they will also be a bit further away.

Check out our pages Areas to stay in Dublin and Travel within Dublin.

More tips and advice

If the long lists of options are overwhelming, here are some sites that give their “top” recommendations for accomodation in Dublin. We can’t speak to their accuracy but they might help you make your decision.

And if you need any more tips or advice, just ask us!

Stay with locals

Would you like to stay with an Irish wedding guest for a few nights? Please let us know via the RSVP form. We will find a Dubliner who can host you, within the limits of their availability. If you have any questions please email us on