Travel within Dublin

In Dublin, there are three modes of public transport: bus, tram (called the Luas) and light rail (called the DART). All three use the Leap Card that you will probably want to get as soon as you arrive in Ireland.

The Leap Card

The Leap Card is an integrated ticket for the bus, tram (called the Luas) and light rail (called the DART) that will get you through Dublin. The best option is the Visitor Leap Card, which for a set price gives you unlimited transport on the bus, Luas, DART and Nitelink services. A 24 hour ticket costs €8, a 3 day ticket costs €16 and a 7 day ticket €32.

Purchase the Visitor Leap Card

You can buy the Visitor Leap Card:

  1. in Dublin Airport, at the Spar in Terminal 1 or the Wrights Newsagent in Terminal 2.
  2. in the Dublin Bus Office, 59 Upper O’Connell Street in the city centre
  3. order online in advance and have it posted to your home address.

Use the Leap Card

You should scan the Leap Card at the DART or Luas stations before and after you get on the Luas/ Dart. When getting on the bus, scan the Leap Card at the card reader on the right hand side of the door. You do not need to scan it again when getting off the bus.

You can learn more about the Visitor Leap Card here :

Dublin Bus

Your main mode of transport – for example to get to the church – will probably be the Dublin Bus. All Dublin Busses are double-decker, so make sure to get a seat on the top for the best views!

You can find all the timetables and route maps here:

Dublin Bus has several optons for late-night journeys after weddings:

  1. Some of the regular bus lines run a 24-hour service. Check the Dublin Bus website to see which lines are covered.
  2. The Nitelink service has 13 lines that run every 1 or 2 hours from the city centre to most of Dublin’s suburbs. Check the map to find out which Nitelink service serves your area.

There is also a Dublin Bus app for smartphones which you can download:

The DART and Luas

Dublin Public Transport - Maps, Timetables and Information

The DART and Luas services are a bit easier to navigate as they only have one and two lines respectively.

You can get a map of the whole Dublin network here:

Transport to and from Dublin Port

As a foot passenger, you can get from Dublin Port to the city centre by bus route 53, which runs between Dublin Ferryport and Talbot Street in Dublin the city centre. There is one bus per hour between 07:00 and 19:00 Monday – Saturday, and between 11:00 and 18:00 on Sundays. Alternatively, if you let us know that you are arriving by foot to Dublin Port, we can try to arrange for someone to collect you by car, to make the last stage of your journey easier.

Transport to and from Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport served by Dublin Bus line 16, as well as specific Aircoach busses. The Aircoach is not covered by the Visitor Leap Card so a separate ticket is required. For more information on getting to and from Dublin Airport, see the Travel by Plane page.

Taxis in Dublin

Taxis in Dublin can be hailed on the street, at specific taxi ranks, or through reservation apps like Free Now and Uber. (In Dublin, only registered taxi drivers can become Uber drivers, so while you can book a taxi through the Uber app, you will pay the same price as a normal taxi.) For a taxi service near the church, we recommend KCR Taxis. Call them on +353 1 492 2233 to book a taxi.