Some handpicked hotels

At the time of writing this recommendation, hotels in Dublin have become the most affordable option. Vacation rentals (Airbnb) are now only for the lucky.

Many hotels still offer attractive prices on wedding dates. We have walked the streets of Dublin centre to make you a small selection.

Pleasant hostels

Kinlay House Hostel

🚶 7 minutes

Heritage, good location, atmosphere

This hostel seduced us with its “old-fashioned” character, surprising authenticity for accommodation of this type. It is a former school for boys, in somewhat dilapidated but well-maintained buildings, which are almost 300 years old. A beautiful wooden stairwell has an Irish atmosphere: the best choice if you feel like a dreamy soul or an artistic temperament.

Showers included or not included, lunch included. Without elevator.

Abigail’s Hostel

🚶 8 minutes

Well kept, cosmopolitan, welcoming

This hostel has a beautiful common area, full of plants and colors, and is a great place for beautiful encounters. There is a young but relaxed atmosphere: the best choice for backpackers. The Temple Bar area is right next door, which means that the area is noisy, but also full of life and conducive to unlikely encounters.

Showers included, lunch not included.

Abbey Court Hostel

🚶 10 minutes

Welcoming, reliable, safe

This hostel is not necessarily the most expensive, and yet it is the best rated: it is approved by the Fáilte Ireland tourist office, and receives good reviews (TripAdvisor, Google, etc.) The staff is really available and good advice. The best choice if you book in a group.

Showers included or not included, lunch included.

Convenient hotels at a good price

Jury’s Inn

🚶 8 minutes

International, family-friendly, good location

The Jury’s Inn is an international hotel, which takes away the Irish charm but allows you to be in familiar territory. The place is clean, spacious, has parking and two large cafeteria areas.

We saw several families with children, which for us is a good sign.

Just across the street from Christchurch Cathedral.

Marlin Hotel

🚶 4 minutes

Modern, comfort, quiet

The hotel is located in a recent area a little set back, so the atmosphere of the place is a little weird but quiet.

We haven’t been there but the “quiet + modern” option seemed interesting.

Boutique Hotels

Harding Hotel

🚶 7 minutes

Character, good location, warm

A small hotel quite chic, woodwork, warm welcome.

A few stairs at the entrance but elevator also if my memories are good, and the setting is definitely worth it.

Just across the street from Christchurch Cathedral, an unmissable place in Dublin. And the museum next door, Dublinia, is the one I would recommend if they want to make one.

Arlington Hotel

🚶 10 minutes

Tourist, on the river, in the old way

On the banks of the Liffey, a bit like the Quai de Montebello in Paris (traffic, but greenery too)
Very large lounge of fairly classic woodwork with – apparently – excellent cafes. The hotel evokes a certain kitsch tourism of the 60s and 70s.

The Ha’penny Bridge, however, attracts many “tourist-photographers” to the area: it is better that you are in the mood.

Chic hotels at an honest price

Harrington Hall

🚶 13 minutes

Prestigious, heritage, warm

Probably too expensive unless you are lucky, but we had a crush. It is an old “mansion” in the old way, surrounded by a beautiful family history that is well explained in the hotel.

Spacious but warm, well kept. The perfect place to comfortably have a small English tea. The street in front has nightclubs which sometimes make the place noisy on the street side.

Stauntons On The Green

🚶 5 minutes

Character, comfortable, green

Classic and characteristic hotel of the “Georgian Dublin”, comfortable, very green, and overlooking the park (as its name suggests).

We haven’t been there yet but the “greenery + character” option seemed interesting.

Hard Rock Hotel

🚶 5 minutes

Modern, chic, young

A 4 star whose prices for wedding dates are really low!

The hotel in the atmosphere of hard rock cafes. Quite the opposite of the previous one, it is a hotel that plunges into the young Dublin, the music, the hip-chic atmosphere.

Buswells Hotel

🚶 9 minutes

Prestigious, luxurious, iconic

When it comes to “affordable”, this choice can be surprising. The Buswells, indeed, is a iconic of upscale Dublin hotels. It is even called “the 3rd House”, as it is a meeting point for Irish politicians; its tapestries often make the newspapers headlines. And yet, the available rooms are currently still inexpensive around November 12: less than… €200. Everything is relative!